Company Profile

Pedro O. Cabungcal

Lucban Hats Global Exports, Inc. (also known as Lucban Hats & Handicrafts, Inc.) is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of top quality ladies’ hats and fascinators, men’s hats, children’s hats, and accessories made from natural fibers such as buntal, raffia, buri, abaca, pandan, and sinamay as well as other native fabrics found in the Philippines. All of the hats and accessories are hand made, trimmed, and tailored to the clients' specifications.

Lucban Hats is a corporation registered with the Philippines Security and Exchange Commission. Under the sole stewardship of spouses, Jose and Leticia Cabungcal, and with the assistance of their children who handle marketing abroad, the company continues to produce and specialize in the designing and manufacturing of couture hats, contemporary hats, church hats, dress hats, special occasion hats, wedding hats, straw hats, Kentucky Derby hats, and fascinators for women and children, as well as fedoras, cowboy hats, and golf hats for men.

For over 40 years, Lucban Hats has remained an accredited producer and exporter of fashionable hats and headwear materials catering to elite millinery companies, high-end department stores, fashion retailers, wholesalers, and fine boutiques located in the fashion capitals of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the United States. Stemming from the founder’s legacy as a global ambassador of cultural and trade promotion, Lucban Hats Global Exports, Inc. is a regular participant at both local and international trade fairs and shows.

The company’s factory and main office is located in Parang, Marikina City in the Philippines . The factory is composed of highly skilled and diligently trained sewers, trimmers, and blockers who use a blend of traditional and modern millinery techniques to create export-quality custom designed hats. It also houses a showroom which boasts a myriad of hats, fascinators, bags, handicrafts, and other novelty items and has been described as a “hat lover’s paradise” by all who come to visit. A satellite boutique is also located in the founding family’s hometown of Lucban, Quezon. In addition, Lucban Hats has a marketing and design team based out of Los Angeles , California in the United States.

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Historical Timeline

Pedro O. Cabungcal was born on January 31st in the small town of Lucban located in the Quezon province in the Philippines. At the age of 19, Pedro started to engage in hat trading.

At the tender age of 24 years old, Pedro married Belen Ratuiste, with whom he had 4 children – 3 boys and 1 girl. In the same year, he also established the “Lucban Hat Store”, a solely owned and single proprietorship located at the most popular commercial area in Rizal Avenue in Manila. The store catered exclusively to local Filipino government officials who used to wear hats.

Pedro O. Cabungcal organized his business and established a partnership under the name of “Lucban Hats Company” with the help of his children and a friend who generously lent him the amount of Php 15,000 to start the new business venture. Through the company’s participation in trade expos abroad, it was able to significantly expand its export market.

The partnership grew and was reorganized and incorporated with the name “Lucban Hats & Handicrafts”. The new corporation was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 8, 1970, with the primary purpose of engaging in the manufacturing of unwoven straw hats and other handicrafts. Various natural fibers, such as buntal (same as panama hats in Southern America), buri fiber (palm leaves), abaca hemps, pandan, raffia, sinamay, and other indigenous materials from leaves of different local palm trees are the materials Lucban Hats used to produce all of the quality hats.

The company also succeeded in penetrating other international markets such as the United States, Europe, neighboring Asian countries, as well as the Middle East (Israel and Egypt). Likewise, the corporation was grantee of a certificate and registered with Board of Investment as Exporter-Producer non-pioneer status.

Lucban Hats & Handicrafts was the first recipient of the Golden Shell Award, one of the industry’s highest accolades.

Lucban Hats Founder, Pedro O. Cabungcal, passed away leaving the management of the corporation to his children. Under the new leadership of Pedro’s son, José “Joey” R. Cabungcal, as President and General Manager of Operations, the corporation flourished and was able to employ a total of 150 factory and in-home workers that were comprised of skilled sewers, trimmers, and blockers who were trained in the production and delicate handling of the quality hats.

Due to the company’s long-standing expertise and reputation as a premier hat and handicrafts manufacturer, it was able further expand into the European global market. Fashion buyers and importers in England, France, and other European countries started to take notice of the quality products made in the Philippines and began importing the hats. Londoners, Parisians, and Italians who are known for their great fashion were very attracted to these hats and provided a demand for the products. As a result, Lucban Hats & Handicrafts became one of the “go-to” hat manufacturers that provided high standard facilities while using a blend of traditional hat making methods and new technology.

In June, a consensus among Pedro O. Cabungcal’s children was finally reached regarding a reorganization of the company. It was decided that Joey, who was already the President and General Manager of Operations at that time, would continue the operation of Lucban Hats & Handicrafts, Inc. as the sole owner. In July, Lucban Hats & Handicrafts, Inc. was reorganized under the sole ownership and supervision of Joey Cabungcal and his wife, Leticia “Letty” C. Cabungcal, and was renamed as Lucban Hats Global Exports, Inc. to reflect the company’s growing global reach.

Joey and Letty Cabungcal continue to successfully run Lucban Hats Global Exports, Inc. from the Marikina City, Philippines headquarters. They are assisted by their 3 children – Jhone, Peter, and Lethrice – who serve on the company’s board and manage the company’s sales and marketing efforts in the United States.

Executive Profile

José R. Cabungcal

José or "Joey" is the second to the eldest among the children of Pedro Cabungcal, a pioneer in the Philippines' hat manufacturing industry. Joey learned about the hat manufacturing business from his constant interaction with his father. During Joey's final year in college, his father signed a contract for a two-year concession store at the then prestigious New York Worlds Fair in New York City, United States. Upon realizing that Joey inherited his business acumen, Pedro gave him the challenging task to manage their shop at the International Bazaar in that Worlds Fair. Joey left Manila and traveled 3,000 miles to take on his father's business challenge. During this first year, he was able to manage the shop at the International Bazaar with outstanding success. Joey was also able to sign another contract for an additional hat shop located in the fair's Philippine Pavilion as part of the country's representing delegation.

Having two shops to manage, Joey sought the help of his brother and sister to man the other shop. Their two year participation in the Worlds Fair proved to be a great success. Therefore, upon his arrival back to the Philippines together with his brother and sister, their father made Joey, his brother, and his sister business partners of the newly organized "Lucban Hats & Handicrafts Inc.". The new corporation symbolized their company's efforts in exporting hats and handicrafts worldwide.

Subsequently, Joey was able to get Lucban Hats to participate and represent the Philippines at various world fairs. One such event was the Japan World Fair, or popularly known as EXPO '70 in Osaka, Japan. This was the very first world fair held in Japan and it was a tremendous event. Another major fair the company participated in was the European International Fair. It was at this fair that Lucban Hats solidified it's global presence and gained clients from Germany, France, Spain, England, Amsterdam, and Italy.

In 1970, Joey and the board members moved the factory to Marikina City, where they could better expand their factory's size to accommodate their growing production. And in 2006, Joey and his wife, Leticia, became the sole owners of Lucban Hats Global Exports, Inc.

Joey earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting from the University of the East, Manila.

Leticia C. Cabungcal
VP & Chief Financial Officer

Leticia or "Letty" is the other half of the power couple that owns and runs Lucban Hats Global Exports, Inc. She is responsible for the company's treasury, finance, and operations functions. Letty is also charged with strategic planning and oversees the company's facilities and business continuity efforts. Prior to her current position, she was a Senior Bank Examiner for 23 years at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), which is the central bank of the Republic of the Philippines. She was responsible for the examination and regulation of the commercial banks that fall under the supervision of Bangko Sentral.

During the last few years of her tenure at BSP, Letty began dabbling in the embroidery trade. What started off as a hobby ended up with the establishment of her own embroidery business, Jolettes Corporation. The main products produced by her company were embroidered children's dresses and dickies for ladies. Upon retiring from BSP, Letty was able to fully devote her time and energy to her new business venture. She successfully ran Jolettes until she joined the family business, Lucban Hats, in 1992 as the company's accountant. As she learned the hat manufacturing business, her role in the company began to evolve. Fourteen years after she first joined the family business, Letty and Joey became the sole owners of Lucban Hats.

In addition to her business responsibilities, Letty donates her spare time to many charitable causes through her participation the local social clubs. She is a past President and currently active member of the Zonta International Club of Marikina. In addition, she is a member of the City Women's Council of Marikina. Letty has been the recipient of several awards from the Zonta Club recognizing her leadership & invaluable service as Chairwoman of various charitable committees.

Letty earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting from the University of the East, Manila.  She is also a certified public accountant.